Always Remember Who You Are

People influence us different ways. One way is to pass on knowledge from one generation to another. When I was a young boy I knew a man, Mr. Reagan, that frequented my family’s business. He was a World War II veteran and always had fascinating stories. Before he would leave he would say, “be a good boy, and always remember who you are.” It was like clockwork. I could expect it every time.

As I grew up it didn’t really resonate what exactly he meant by always remember who you are. The “be a good boy” part was a no brainer. We should all be good. It didn’t really sink in until I became Catholic what Mr. Reagan meant by always remember who you are. Who am I? Who are you? We are Catholic-Christians, and nobody can take that away from us. There is an indelible mark on your soul from your baptism and it’s there for all eternity.

Do people know you are a Catholic?

We all love something or someone. We love our family, friends, sports, etc., and we share what we love with others. You have pictures of your family at home or at work. You share information about your favorite sports teams on social media. But with all the sharing you do when it comes to your family or sports teams, do people know you’re Catholic?

The word “evangelize” means to share the Gospel (or Good News), or in a simpler term, evangelizing means to tell others why you love being Catholic. That’s it. You don’t have to become a holy roller and beat people over the head with Christianity. Nor do you have to have a theology degree or be able to quote scripture.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to evangelize at Big Lots. As I’m standing in the check-out line a man noticed I was wearing a crucifix necklace, which is a great conversation starter. He asked if he could tell me about Jesus. I said, “Sure, I’d love to tell you about Jesus.” We spent an hour outside the store talking. He spent that time trying to convince me to leave the Catholic faith, while I spent that time telling him why I love being Catholic. I had to use some basic apologetics to defend the faith, but my message to him was clear. I love being Catholic. We finally decided to conclude our discussion, because he wasn’t going to convert me and I wasn’t going to convert him. But one thing was for sure, he just met a Catholic who knew and loves his faith. I had planted a seed that day.

That’s what it means to evangelize. Anyone can do it.

You can evangelize too. It’s easy. It starts by knowing who you are. A Catholic. That’s the first question to ask yourself is why do you love being Catholic? When you can answer that question then you’ll want others to know. Share Catholic posts on social media that have meaning to you. Listen to Catholic radio to learn more about your faith so that you’ll be able to share that Good News with others.

Always remember who you are.

by John Connor

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